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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Squares? Where we're going we don't need squares.

Further gameplay development on the Lingor map of Insurgency Simulator.

To add to the realism factor, I've now added a further parameter to the mission to hide all grid squares. (Previously Insurgent held squares were shown as red and when cleared went green - this is still available as a parameter option if required).

In this test version, there are no longer any grid squares for Team Leaders or Squad Members. The ideas is that the team leaders should instruct the squad to scout out and clear an area as best they can.

Once the squad has swept an area, no further Insurgents will spawn in that area. It will be upto the Team Leader to use an appropriate map marker to indicate that an area is clear.

Going forward, I'm planning to add further ambient features to towns so help players get an indication of if an area is clear. For example, Civilians + Ambient Music would indicate a clear zone, silence would indicate danger, insurgents present.

I'm interested in getting feedback on this change. Overall development for this mission is to make a tactical and engaging gameplay with a real focus on teamwork.

Minor note: On Server #2 Arma Voice-Over-Network has been disabled, again to help with realism. Communication should be direct chat or over ACRE radios (using TeamSpeak server). If possible avoid any text chat.


  1. Thats a very good idea. Comes very close to a mission type I'm thinking about. My plan is to create bigger areas (for example each village 1 area). To beginn a random system gives you information about the area with diffrent colors.
    1. white = no information, green = save, red = danger, orange = maybe danger ...
    On diffrent ways you can collect more or less informations. When you killed enemy in a area you still have to collect information to now its save.

    Now it becomes difficult: A complex system combines areas. When you atack a area with enemys in the area next (known or not), they can start a counter attack. So you have to make a good plan not to be attacked from two sides or place troops in the flank for covering.

    I think it a big project with testing with ArmA 2 to make a quick mission when ArmA 3 starts.

  2. For your sound idea maybe my soundtool is usefull. It works with trigger and can be changed, so that its activated when nor OPFOR is present.

    Download: http://www.file-upload.net/download-6673828/Ling

    Description: http://www.desert-devils.info/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=85

  3. Thanks Winters will take a look at the soundtool.

    I would really like to move the Insurgency gameplay to get more actual information from Civilians, surrendering Insurgents and perhaps even humanitarian actions to complete in villiages and towns to win over locals.