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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Mid-week update:

Civilians have been adjusted so as to leave towns when danger is present, normally this would been fighting between BLUEFOR and OPFOR, once the fighting dies down, civilians would come back to an area. I plan to do more work on this area of the Insurgency Simulator.

I've added another custom verbal command "Move, Go Home" (makes the Civilians run off from their current location away to safety). This command is bound to your Custom Key 19 (key mapping set in Options > Controls > Custom). This is in addition to the "Stop, Lie Down" command bound to Custom Key 20.

For Lingor, I've adjusted the civilian responses to questioning to fit more with the environment.

For gameplay testing, I've adjusted the default respawn time to 4 minutes now! I'm keen on people slowing down, taking time and not dying ;-) Also if you do die, its a good opportunity to stand up from the computer and have a quick break.

As always, comments about the changes are very welcome. If you have other gameplay or modification ideas, put a comment or use the forums


  1. A longer spawn time is good (we don't play Battelfield or Call of Duty).

    Sometimes I see a problem between Blufor and Opfor balance. In the evening there where 4 Bl (one AFK al the time) and 2 Op. Later 2/2. Opfor also has the KI. Is it possible to make a Opfor slot only free when there is a complete Bl. squad (all same squad)?

    You are on the right way Boffin

    1. Ah yes Winters, will makes sure that the OPFOR/BLUEFOR balance is restored.