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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Custom loadouts for ACE server!

For those who have ventured onto the ACE server (Insurgency Sim Server 3) getting all your kit together can take alot of time.

To help with this, if you regularly play on our servers you can now have a custom set of loadouts to suit you.

The idea is that at the base, you can approach the green ammo crates and then select from your own personalised list of loadouts which should save you alot of time.

If you are interested if having this option you need to be a member of the forum and simply post your loadouts in this forum, details provided with an example.

A list of ACE weapons and items can be found here.

If you have any questions, post a comment or reply on the forum example post.

If you haven't tried the ACE version of Insurgency Sim, I would highly recommend it. There are a number of nice features which add to realism with the ACE version. Anyone playing on the server will more that likely be able to help you get started if you are finding it a bit daunting. For help on getting setup for ACE see this blog post.

Decisions, Decisions. What gear should I pack?...

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