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Thursday, 8 March 2012

More Tweaks

Minor updates to Insurgency Sim 2.03.07

A few more tweaks today
  • Added a few more ambient music zones to several buildings across the maps.
  • Adjusted IED levels and junk levels on the roads.
  • Revised AI patrols slightly, less patrols but more often respawned to save CPU load.
  • Added more chance of RPG AI soldiers.

Currently working on improving the AI further, with more chance of them moving around in and out of the "red" squares, then finding suitable cover, little sample video whilst working out the coding: http://youtu.be/7HdDprQ2b4I

No additional code for AI added to this release, but watch this space for news.


  1. Totalboffin,

    I just tried the Insurgency Sim mission on your non ACE server, and I have to say it was really refreshing and fantastic. It has some great features, including talking to the locals, having to search the enemies, IED paranoia, building Hesco Barriers, and a suicide bicyclist!

    Loads of fun...thanks for your efforts,

    David S,
    MInnesota USA

  2. Welcome David, really appreciate you taking time to comment and glad you enjoyed it. We have been working hard to build a semi-realistic and fun game, if you have any other feedback as you play let us know, either in the comments or on our forum.