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Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday updates!

Updates for Insurgency Sim 2.03.11

More fun features and updates for the servers now.

  • Buildable H-Barriers
    BLUEFOR vehicles allow H-Barriers to be constructed at the front of the vehicles. H-Barriers can be also removed.

  • Deployable Camo Nets
    BLUEFOR vehicles allow a camo net to be deployed over of the vehicle. Camo nets can be stowed back in the vehicle.

  • Deployable Sandbags
    BLUEFOR vehicles allow sandbags to be deployed over of the vehicle. Sandbags can be dragged around for position and removed if not required. In addition OPFOR can build sandbags at any trucks and move them to their required position.

For ACE version
Added custom loadouts to ACE version of Insurgency.

For Takistan
Adjusted the center position of the map to allow for more chance of a base to spawn in the south of Takistan.

Finally, some minor corrections to some script errors.

This weeks youtube video:

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