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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Searchlights, Dust and Prayers

A variety of updates today:
  • Reworked the OPFOR / Player spawning system to simplify and remove several issues (multiple player names, faulty side chat radios for Opfor etc). Opfor human players teleport to the AI unit and receive their weaponary. Opfor human players must then fight as that unit until they die.

New additions to the mission:
  • Added Insurgency Searchlights into the mix, some times Insurgency will get a searchlight instead of a static weapon on top of a building.
  • Added Sandstorm Effect when there is no rain. Small clouds of dust around you to add some extra ambience.
  • Added Ambient Sounds (such as Mosque Prayers and Oil Rigs), to further improve the environment.Will be looking to add the occasional sound effect in various places.

Corrections / Fixes:
  • Corrected issue so Opfor "Start Fire" smoke and fire is now seen by all players.
  • Corrected several side missions.

In other news:

There is an updated JSRS (Jarheads Sound Redeployment System Mod) available. Current version is now 1.4.2

I will update the server later today with the updated version.

As of 22:00 GMT on Saturady 28th Jan 2012
SERVER 1: Server updated running latest version 2.0273 (Takistan)
SERVER 2: Server updated running latest version 2.0273 (Takistan - EXPERT)
SERVER 3: Server updated running latest version 2.0273 (Takistan)

YouTube Video Clip for Today: The Queen's Company

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