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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Insurgency get some help at night

After playing the OPFOR side today at night, it was clear that is very hard to move around an area without nightvision googles. Previously the night vision goggles were removed from the OPFOR ai players just to add a small level of realism.

A few changes today to help with the above:

  • Human OPFOR players have about a 25% chance of getting a pair of night vision goggles when they jump into an Insurgency fighter.
  • Human OPFOR players get a couple of flares which can be used in grenade launchers and fired into the sky to light up the area.
  • Human OPFOR players can also use the flares to start a fire (a good light source which burns for a while and eventually goes out. BLUEFOR can destroy these light sources with a grenade/satchel.
  • Human OPFOR players can also use a flare to build a camp fire. These fires don't provide as much light as a burning object, but can't be destroyed. Both sides can light/put out the fire when they are close.

Reminder: The weapons caches all have night vision goggles, flares, IEDS and a mortar now, so definately worth finding if you are playing OPFOR.

Other changes:

  • Slightly increased the spawn distance at which OPFOR AI players spawn.
  • Updated some notes in the briefing section.
  • Minor correction to vehicle parameters at startup.
  • Both Takistan and Zargabad maps updated with the above changes.
  • Adjusted AI settings (attempting to set various skills such as accurracy and courage rather than just skill).
  • Corrected two side mission extensions so the right squad get the mission.

As of 16:30 GMT on Thursday 26th Jan 2012
SERVER 1: Server updated running latest version 2.0271 (Takistan)
SERVER 2: Server updated running latest version 2.027 (Zargabad)
SERVER 3: Server updated running latest version 2.0271 (Takistan)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Pretty good news for OPFOR players, It's a pretty good update but I liked more the 10% (was it 10%?) chance of getting NVGs, as you said, its pretty more realistic.

    What I'd like to change instead the NVGs rate its the moon phase, but I don't know if it is possible to change that. If it is possible a half moon or full moon will balance OPFOR players without being unrealistic.

    And honestly, playing as blufor (Vs. AI) at night its a completely faceroll game, you just kill completely blind and useless enemies.

    Just saying, anyways, great update ^^ (I liked that detail of the flares).

    PD: Playing with half-full moon without NVGs moon it's gorgeous,

  3. Thanks Drew, yes its a hard life playing OPFOR, when you get it right its very satisfying.