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Friday, 3 February 2012

End on an era... No more suitcases! Welcome to 2.03!

Some big changes in this update (v2.03):

  • Search Bodies : Insurgent soldiers no longer will drop "suitcases" to gather intelligence on the location of weapons caches. Instead the dead soldiers bodies can be searched to locate intelligence.

  • Question Civilians : Civilians can now be questioned by the BLUEFOR team to gather intelligence on the location of weapons caches.

  • Threaten Civilians : Human Insurgent (OPFOR) players can threaten civilians, civilans may give you a rifle or a car if they feel threatened.

  • Additional Intel Sources : Added other sources of intelligence, such as computer laptops. These can be checked for intelligence on the location of weapon caches.

  • Additional Explosive Types

    BLUEFOR can now use Satchel Charges in several ways:
    • Normal satchel charge. Remotely detontated.
    • Smaller breaching charge (useful to break a wall without too much damage). Remotely detontated.
    • Claymore charge. Force of blast is in the direction you face when placing the charge on the ground. Claymores can be remotely detonated, or you can set a proximity sensor on the charge itself and wait for someone to walk past.

OPFOR get a new style the IED (IED Garbage) to attach to vehicles, people any object really. Remotely detonated.

  • Corrected issue with OPFOR respawning and continuing to keep previous weaponary.
  • Corrected issue with injured colouration of screen.
  • Removed several unrequired files.

As of 11:00 GMT on Friday 3rd Feb  2012
SERVER 1: Server updated running latest version 2.03 (Takistan)
SERVER 2: Server updated running latest version 2.03 (Takistan - No Crosshairs)
SERVER 3: Server updated running latest version 2.03 (Takistan)

Other information / Tips:

For those who are using the JSRS sound mod, don't forget that if you do not like a particular sounding weapon or vehicle, you can simply move the associated .pbo files out of the @JSRS1.4/Addons directory, when Arma restarts the regular sounds will return for which ever item you removed.

For example, I'm not a fan of the Humvee/Jackal sounds so I've just moved the files jsrs_humvee.pbo and jsrs_humvee_c.pbo from the addons directory. Simple!

In the latest release of the mod, there is also an optional directory, files in this directory can be copied into the Addons directory should you wish to try the alternative sounds. Just remember to backup any files you replace!

This weeks youtube video: The Battle for Marjah

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