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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Get Down!

Working with the Takistan locals.

Minor adjustments today:
  • Ratio of suicide bombers reduced so they are less frequent, due to the lack more civilians are in the towns.
  • Ratio of suicide cars reduced for the same reasion.
  • Added a few additional charges for roadside IEDs.
  • New Verbal Command: Stop! Get Down!
    When civilians are running around, this command can be shouted at a specific civilian upto around 25m away whilst focusing crosshairs on them. The civilian will then respond after a few seconds and stop and get down on the ground (or crouch if they are a woman). After a while the civilians will move away/act normally again.

    A suicide bomber however will likely get down on the ground but then crawl or stand up and advance towards you again.

    This isn't foolproof and if there is gunfire/explosions in the area civilians are likely to be panicking around you, however it gives you another option try.


  1. Aha, very nice being able to tell them to get down, it's all too tempting to shoot anyone running towards you, didn't get to try it out as I didn't know about it before I logged on today :P

    One issue was found with the "mine mine mine" sidemission, where one of the IEDs would not detonate, even after multiple tries with different people, etc and then trying to set it off with satchels, people, vehicles.

    Only one of the IEDs was affected, all the rest went off in perfect fashion.

  2. Ah okay Sean, do you know where it was roughly on the map?