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Monday, 9 January 2012

Crowd Control

Yes more updates...
  • Updated the Verbal Commands used for civilian interaction. Using "Get Away!" or "Stop! Get Down!" when used near a civilian will cause any civilians around the area to act on the command (after a small random delay) rather than having to issue it to each civilian in turn.
  • Corrected issue with roadside IED disposal so all squad members actually get points after sucessfully detonating an IED. (now tested on multiplayer game and works correctly. yay.)
  • New Feature: Insurgency Passengers. As requested/suggested by several on the Forums, some random civilian car patrols may contain Insurgency forces as passengers rather than just civilians, so definately worth stopping any vehicles travelling on the road and stay frosty! (this area might need some tweaking to see how the Insurgency react)
After crawling around the sand in Takistan over the last few days trying to dispose of roadside IEDs, this weeks viewing suggestion is The Hurt Locker If you haven't seen it, it's a good watch, Amazon had it for only 4 pounds including postage, bargain.


  1. Yeah, absolutely looks like what we do in game! In another scene the bomb specialist says "watch for snipers". Whew...really the same as we do, in a simplified way of course.

    How about a side mission to defuse a suicide belt? ;)

  2. The ratio civilians/suicide is okay. The quantity of IEDs is okay. They're not so many, but people still blow up on them, especially the ones without an object near.

    Maybe the Opfor are not enough. Or better, they're stupid. They just stay in their houses and often don't even look at the door. They're quickly reactive, but still not enough. I don't know if there's something like a "detection capability/skill" that can be raised somehow.
    Some of them should occupy houses of course, and be a big threat to those who enter. I like that, because it forces you to be very careful. But there should also be someone who threatens you outside. The Ambient Combat Module should help in that.

    Anyway, the game is very good as it is already, we just need a little more threat from hills, snipers and such to make our movements around villages more risky, and to disperse a bit the threat, avoiding its concentration only inside the village. Of course that could be done also by adding some houses and red squares at a certain distance from a town, but once cleared they're not anymore a threat ;)

  3. Yes, the sniper is a constant in all low-level insurgency situations. So more snipers, please :)