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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Another set of updates.

Updates today:
  • Revised the Notes section in the Map View. Added more help for new players and more information generally. Hopefully this is organized better now.
  • Set Weapon caches to only 5 per map, as it takes longer to find them now.
  • Added a humanitarian side mission (so I could learn a few other scripting commands)
  • Revised civilian verbal commands slightly.


  1. You got to learn those command better lol ;)
    The mission was bugged, or maybe we didn't understand it. The plane was at Rasman airbase, but we found no cargo or anything else.
    We came a little late, maybe, and we took some time to clear the area. Maybe you should add time to the mission (somehow) because if you're on the other side of the map you could take a lot of time to get there and secure the area.
    Anyway we saw no offroads, and no particular troops, only the normal ones of the red squares (don't know if any additional troops were in the mission, though).

    Thanks anyway for creating the humanitarian mission ;)

  2. Heh. Yes I've updated that mission again now.

    Seems the pilot will unload when the plane lands safely, seems a bit hit and miss though. Parking a huvmee or vehicle at the end of the runway seems help, as the plane taxis using the middle part of the runway instead.

  3. Yep...will test again we I'll have the chance...
    Nice images in the blog, do you make them or do you find them somewhere? :P