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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Friday's Updates On Saturday!

Didn't get chance to push the updates for Friday. Perhaps as it was Friday 13th it would have been unlucky.

Anyway, after discussion from today's gameplay made some interesting changes:

  • Insurgency weapon caches now contain:
    Several pairs of NVG goggles, SVD sniper rifle, AK with night vision, AK with grenade launcher, some 40mm HE grenades, various flares (can cause some havok with BLUEFOR's nightvision), a few IEDs and a mortor and tripod bag.

    The idea is that OPFOR players will want to seek out the weapons cache locations to get the better equipment. BLUEFOR obviously want to try to find the cache to stop them.

  • As only 10% of OPFOR get night vision, I've allowed some of the insurgency troops to have the Gloxk 17 pistol with the flashlight, so at least you can move around when its really dark. The AI may also use the Glock with flashlight which is quite fun.

Other updates and tweaks:
  • Added Introduction dialog screen to help orientate new players
  • Added Direction Compass indicator to help when positions called out
  • Updates Notes section with more information.
  • Adjusted AI roof gun code slightly
  • Corrected OPFOR suicide belt, now should work correctly! Just only 25% of OPFOR have IEDs now.

Takistan Insurgency with Glock 17

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