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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Reworked side missions

After todays gameplay, I've adjusted how the side missions start, so now they populated when someone gets near to the area, that way it should prevent the insurgency forces getting bored and wandering off.


  1. I have a couple of ideas for the long/very long term: different objectives and different types of intel.
    For example we could have multiple objectives: destroy the weapon caches, destroy enemy artillery, destroy communication centers, take down pirate radios used for propaganda, kill takistani ex-army officers that help insurgents, etc..
    Every of them has a number of object/units you have to destroy/kill (like 3 caches, 2 comm centers,...).
    The team leader selects the type of intel he wants to look for, say for example "comm centers". From that moment on, when his team collects intel, blufor will get info about the location of the nearest comm center (for example blue markers to make them different from red ones of the caches, etc..).
    When he gets tired of looking for comm centers, he goes back to HQ, selects an option about the info and selects now "enemy officers" and goes on like this.
    To complete the mission, you have to destroy/kill everything. All these objectives when accomplished could give bonuses to the bluefor, alongside with side missions.

    As we all know, the funding of a "western" war can change, depending on how the war goes. If it goes well (many objectives accomplished, few kills) blufor gets good weapons (like TWS and such), apaches are available quickly, many artillery rounds, etc..
    If it goes bad (you spawn hundreds of enemies and take lots of kills without accomplishing anything), no TWS, apaches take long to spawn or are available for a short time, etc..
    I would bind this kind of "economy" to the objectives and to the clearing of squares, and not to kills (but of course to casualties, and why not choppers/vehicles destroyed).

  2. hi guys just wanted to put up post after the weekend ,would like to see if possible a server with opfor turned off and one server with it still on and a trainning server with heli tanks etc just so we can play about might be an idea to password this server up too.

  3. If you want I can host a couple of missions. I have custom missions about intel and cache search, so we can easily train.

  4. with so many updates, do not change the version number?

  5. It's 0.82+ All the changes are under development, so they're all still inside the +
    I see pointless changing the version number every day ;)

  6. Raven, i like your ideas of more restrictions in favor of more realism, thats what i had in mind too. Im curious how this would work out.

    And yes, the score system should be balanced a bit more, but i think boffin already mentioned that he wanted to change it.

    Also yay to missions = )

    About blocking the Opfor:
    I personally like to have a human player in Opfor because it spices things up and can make for some intense gameplay.
    Still changing one server to Blufor-only might be a good thing, to accomodate a wider variety of players or to play in peace once in a while.