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Monday, 12 December 2011

Ammo and caches.

A few more updates today, I was looking at the vehicles and thought that the "Deploy Sandbags" option is never used so I've replaced it... On the Bluefor vehicles with weapons  (Humvee/Jackal) there is now a Deploy Ammo crates option when checking the rear of the vehicle. I've set the ammo crates with a variety of ammunition to hopefully please most people.

Each crate is unique to the vehicle and can be loaded back into the vehicle using the action menu on the crate itself. Another plus of the vehicles being able to drop their ammo crate is that any of the helicopters can load this ammo crate as cargo and then can be dropped to support other troops.

Have a play and see how it works out, first implemention of this so no doubt some bugs ;-)

After the gameplay today, I also had a look at increasing the locations of where the weapons cache can be found, unfortunately they cannot be placed in some of the smallest buildings due to some restrictions, but I've tweaked a few of the locations so may still add a little more variety in the future.


  1. Good idea, the sandbags have never, ever been of use, since the humvee itself is a honking great target when it's not moving.

    Also good with the variation of the cache location - all too often I fall into the trap of looking for the typical buildings it normally appears in.

  2. I have noticed that a lot more people play on server 1 and 3 instead of 2. I think the reason is that Zargabad is not liked.

    I was thinking if it could be possible to raise the maximum number of player without server issues, maybe by going from 3 to 2 servers.
    Anyway, just a random idea ;)

    One thing about the side missions: they are very easy. What about leaving them where they are but putting a lot more enemies and vehicles to guard the objectives? :)

  3. ALL WORKING FINE!! WOOP WOOP good game today all work fine nice job boffin

  4. Will have a look at the side missions Raven to make them a little longer/harder.

  5. While playing with Weasel, we noticed that the Chinook interacts badly with the "load cargo" command. Using that command more than once in short time can lead to the humvee disappearing. Also, if you unload a humvee when on a steep hill, it disappears. Actually it disappears if it has no land immediately under it.
    For example we tried to paradrop it, but it just disappeared. Another time we landed on the top of the hill, we unloaded the humvee, but the tail of the chinook was a bit "suspended" in mid air because the hill was steep, so the humvee was unloaded in mid air (about one meter over the ground), and it disappeared immediately after unloading it.
    What happens is that it unloads the vehicle and you see it for an instant in mid air, then it disappear. Hope this "bug report" helps ;)

  6. Today we noticed a few bugs when loading cars in the chinook.

    It seems that it is quite sensitive to the terrain, so if the ground is to uneven you have a high chance of the car disappearing.
    Raven mentioned that it could be possible to drop it with a parachute like the ammo boxes, but when we tried it disappeared too.
    Something like this would make it easier to make drops in unsuitable terrain.

    Also if possible I would recommend a 10sec timout for activating the load/unload option on the chinook (or restrict it to pilot), because the car can also disappear when 2 (or more) players unload it.

  7. I should press F5 more often heh

  8. Ah thanks guys for the bug report! I will have a look into this. I think restricting the unload to pilot position is a good option.