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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kaboom... IEDS!

 One major change for this update, is I've totally revamped the IED system (after testing the old setup, it seems it wasn't designed for multiplayer/dedicated server so didn't do anything!... I've now replaced the IED setup with a much simpler yet working system).

WARNING: IEDS are now randomly placed on the roadsides around the map. IEDs are randomly set to use a variety of charges, some small some large. The IEDs maybe hidden in the ground, in car wrecks or other objects. Vehicles or infantry can set IEDS off, so keep your eyes open!

Currently the best way to disarm them is with a explosion (ie grenade/m203), the object will be remain in place but the explosion will disrupt the IED from going off, so you can travel by. (this area needs testing and some development)


  1. IEDs are a very fine addition. Remember about moving the side mission objectives inside enemy squares and about "conflicting" missions.
    For example the one about BAF in the airfield which makes impossible the presence of the "chopper prototype", but not the contrary! ;)

  2. nods, yes still need to work on how the side missions play, how to involve opfor and some other twists to them.

  3. So far i have encountered 3 IED ingame (in about 5h gametime), and what we noticed was that they dont blow up fast enough, so a speeding vehicle can easily rush by it unharmed.

    So i thought, how about we also let mines spawn on the roads? or maybe even make special minefields somewhere in the open?

  4. What about side missions about clearing a minefield so to let civilians live in peace? ;)

    I was also thinking about what Chillra said about the team. Actually what we want is not creating a clan (and I don't even like the name "clan", and ranks and whatever, especially for this game), but having a cool name wouldn't hurt. So why don't we just add to the server name the name of the team? totalboffin.blabla DesertDevils etc..
    So somebody looks for boffin, others look for desert devils, all of them find the servers ;)

  5. Yes I like the idea of the minefield mission will have a play around. Not sure how destructible mines are?

    Agree with Chillra the tag we use was designed to promote people to the blog and servers and at the same time show those who play on the servers regularly.

    Also not too keen the on word clan ;-)

  6. Good points Wiesel. I will have a look at the sensor used for the IEDs and try to find a compromise with the time to detonation and the distance the player/vehicle has to get.