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Friday, 30 December 2011

Its raining Humvees

After two nasty midair explosions today when attempting to paradrop Humvees from the Chinook. Tried a bit more testing to see what is causing it, it appears the problem relates to people being in the vehicle to be dropped, even setting the vehicles to be indestructible didn't fix the problem. The multiplayer code regarding collisions and the two vehicles seems to cause the problems.

ADVICE: if you are taking a vehicle in the chinook, get the the squad to board the Chinook and each paradrop out at the landing zone and allow the pilot to paradrop the vehicle and eject himself.

The squad then regroup on the ground and locate the dropped vehicle. This should avoid midair explosions.

Alternatively the squad can mount up in the vehicle but get the pilot to land the chinook away from the AO and unload the vehicle on the ground.


  1. One big problem: in the side mission "Tick Tick Boom", the one with the SCUD in Feruz Abad, the SCUD is already spawned damaged. The problem is that it's so damaged that the tires can be down, so we can't move it! Maybe it should spawn "brand new" ;)

  2. Heh, that was on purpose ;-) Adds a little complexity to the mission, remember there is a repair truck at the base (from memory it can go in the chinook).

  3. Whew...so to complete the side mission we have to bring a repair truck to repair what we want to blow up? looool
    Ok, fine for me, next time I'll try lol

    It's funny when Feruz Abad is still all red lol

  4. Yes indeed if Feruz Abad is red then its certainly a interesting mission.