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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Don't shoot! I'm a civilian.

"Killing civilians is bad...mmkay?"

After some recent discussion on the forum (see the link on the right), I've now reworked the scoring system with regarding to killing civilians. If you directly shoot/kill a civilian you will get a -5 score per civilian. I've also added that the player is called out for this.

If civilians are killed through other means (artillery etc) these deaths can now be recorded (going forward I'm thinking of adding some penalty system or triggering some actions based on the number of civilians killed - ideas are welcome!)


  1. Well, civilians hate you if you kill them. There are some interesting parameters in the civilian module, like the penalty you get for killing one, respectModifyCoef = ;

    Take a look at the modules here

    For example you could put to almost zero the "angriness recover" parameter threatDecay = ; so that the civilians kills accumulate over time. The civilians, as we have already seen, will get angry and throw stones at you.
    But you know, in reality insurgents ARE the civilians, so what about increasing the number of OPFOR AI spawned according to the angriness? The more you kill civilians, the more you get angry OPFOR, so that a Blufor who doesn't care about them will face zillions of insurgents.

    About the "OPFOR civilians"...the main problem is that the units are bound to their side, and you cannot create, say, a US rifleman in the OPFOR. But could you create a new unit which is in the OPFOR, but has the civilian outfit?

    Adding small guns to civilians could be a good trap for the Blufor, so they trigger bad things lol

  2. Yes I would like to see a few insurgency "dressed" as civilians to spice things up.

    I like the idea that if too many civilians are killed the insurgency numbers in that area increase.

  3. How about restricting also sniper and CCO-scoped rifles to one per team? In the army usually there's the "designated marksman" who actually has a scoped rifle. Then there's the MG gunner, the grenadier, etc..
    Actually now people tend to use only the advantage of the scope. Which is okay, you got the technology, but sometimes you should also use tactics, not only snipe and then perform "call of duty-style runs"