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Friday, 30 December 2011

Squads and Roles

Just a minor update today, I started to look at limiting squad gear again (eg, only one person in a squad can have a sniper rifle weapon, only one can have a heavy machine gun), however at the moment limiting equipment using the scripts causes issues when people die and respawn. For the moment, I've not implemented any restrictions on the weapons. However I've now setup some simple roles within the squad...

Teamleader - Should lead the squad, has access to helicopter support and grant/deny requests from other team members.
Medic - Help heal the wounded in the squad.
Machine Gunner - This is a suggested role rather than fixed.
Marksman - This is a suggested role rather than fixed.
Pilot/Grenadier - The only other member of the squad able to request helicopter support.

At this stage the roles may simply help each squad get organised and if you join a squad in a position you may want to swap with another player or just play as that "role".


  1. Only one can have a machinegun is already present, even if the Mk48 is excluded for some reason. I noticed that the script is slightly bugged. Well, not really bugged, but it's not very responsive. For example if you save your loadout with an MG, you can't change it, unless you remove the MG, change the other items, and then re-add the MG. That's because the script checks if "someone in the team" already has the MG saved, and not "who". But except this negligible thing everything works fine in that script so it *should* be ***easy*** to adapt to other weapons.

  2. Forgot to say: for two times the MHQ disappeared. I don't know if actually somebody pretty stupid moved and abandoned it somewhere, but it happened twice that we (you once and then later I also had to do it) had to restart the mission.

    Now that I think about that, it's weird. Because the first time, when you restarted, I couldn't select my loadout because there was no MHQ deployed. The second time I could, but still the MHQ was nowhere to be found.
    There was the rest of the base and I could spawn in a "main base", but I could also select the weapons. It's weird because if you move the MHQ, you can't select the weapons, but if you deploy it, you see it immediately because it the "main base" so you can spawn there. But there wasn't any MHQ at the main base :/

    Don't know if I explained what I mean lol
    Anyway, could be just a random glitch.

  3. At the moment, I've removed all restrictions on weapons for the moment, and will look to rework the system so it works "properly".

    There is defeinately some problems with the MHQ being respawned. Last time I deployed the MHQ is worked but then failed to respawn new vehicles after they were destroyed. So there is some work to do with MHQ.