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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


All the changes today are around helicopters...

  • Helicopter Support (Spawnable Transport) has now been restricted to Squad Leaders and Pilots (slot 5) per squad. The idea is to encourage teamwork and reduce the number of the helicopters flying to AOs.
  • Corrected issue with smaller helicopters waiting after player ejects. Now all apart from Chinook will fly off with AI pilot with no delay.
  • Added slightly longer delay on Chinook cargo parachutes.
  • A10/Apache Support timer adjusted (still needs some work)

There is a retextured Little Bird MH6J available using a desert digital camo design, this was just a test to see how the code worked on a multiplayer dedicated server. Results seem good, most players see the original colour of the helicopter for a split second and its then updated to the new textures. Going forward will look to introduce some other textures on a few of the vehicles/uniforms, Simke has been working on some new designs so will try them out soon!

Digital Desert Camo + DesertDevil Squad Logo...

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