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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Coding Updates

I've been doing some work on the new gamemode today, after our last play test during the week, it was clear that we needed to increase the number of AI opposition. I've tweaked some of the settings to help improve this, I've increased the number of land patrols and adjusted a few more settings. It's work in progress to find the right balance.

I've now setup so that radio towers are fortified and should have a few soldiers guarding them if the tower is operational. To save cpu time, only towers nearby get guards.

If a radio tower is taken out, this will attract the attention of enemy force engineers who will attempt to repair the site. I've used the same code for the electrical power station areas, if you take out a power station transformer, engineers will be sent to fix the power.

I've used the same code from the radio towers to implement random roadblocks across the island, like the towers, nearby roadblocks should have guards present.

Sean has made a lovely loading screen image so have updated that onto the current version (v1.03).

The next idea I would like to look at is the ability to attract the soldiers attention (a flare/loud sound/etc). If the enemy force come across a dead soldier they will now fire a flare into the air and start to look for you. It would be nice if you could fool the soldiers into an ambush by using a flare to attract their attention.

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