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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Getting there with the new gamemode.

On Saturday, I reworked the AI for the new gamemode, after watching my little teaser CHILLRA mentioned that it would be nice if the insurgent soldiers would react if you made too much noise when approaching them, which I thought was a nice idea. Now if you move too quickly near a soldier they will hear you, so if you are planning a stealthy takedown, make sure you are are doing a slow walk to them. Stealth really works best at night, especially if the Insurgent soldier doesn't have night vision. Whilst adding the above code, I also added the ability for the Insurgents to hear you if you are using the ACRE radio nearby, at the moment this is talking or broadcasting near, unfortunately the ACRE API system doesn't have the ability to judge volume. So for the moment it is just if you are within approximately 20-25m of a soldier they may hear you.

On Sunday, I started work a new mission system, the ground work for which is quite complicated but the end result should mean that new missions/tasks are generated dynamically as you play based on a whole series of factors... more on this soon!

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