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Monday, 15 October 2012

Let there be light!

Updates for Monday:

I've made a few more changes to the Lingor version of Insurgency Simulator this evening.

  • No more injury text messages - If you get hit and wounded you need to let your squad know.
  • Drag Body option - If you should need to drag a dead body out of sight/danger now you can. (Thanks Viper for suggesting this)
  • Ambient house lights - Many people have suggested this idea, I think I've now implemented this for the dedicated server. However I've not actually tested with anyone let. Hopefully at night time you should need small lights and glow in some houses around Lingor.
    I may need to tweak the settings on this one, as I'm not sure about the performance hit having many light sources will cause.

    I didn't have time to make a nice screenshot, so I've included a video showing the ambient lights in Takistan so you get the idea...


  1. TPW houslights is a real nice script.
    First: When I try to edit TPW I needed JEdit (http://www.jedit.org/) because all other editors had problems to load.
    And then there was a little problem why I didn't ask for:
    There is a special script for MP so that all player see the same lights. In this all buildings have a light. Whith the standart settings they have no effect on nightvision. After changing the village glows like a furnace.
    I was searching for a random loop that not all buildings are illuminated, all player see same lights and the system still runs smoothly. Seems not to be so easy.

    On the same way I was testing to close some doors befor entering a are. It was interresting to search area, open doors in the expectation to find enemys behind. Until a enemy stand in front of me without opening the door before. I could not persuade AI to open the doors (hope will be better in ArmA III).
    Maybe there is a way forbid KI to enter or leave buildings when a player is to close.

  2. For the mulitplayer version, its using a array of houses to illuminate (on Lingor thats about 2500). I think I will just rescan all the houses again but limit types are selected and then randomly pick them to reduce the overall number.

    Randomly closing doors on some buildings is a interesting idea. I will look into doing this for the next update.