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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Doors, Dragging and Darkness

Wednesday's Update

After Tuesdays gameplay noticed a few issues and had a few more ideas for Insurgency Simulator on Lingor.

  • Doors - Winters mentioned closing doors on the map in the last post, I thought this might be interesting so I've setup that about 30% of the doors on buildings maybe closed now.

  • Dragging Bodies - There were a few bugs with dragging dead bodies in the last update, mostly due to multiplayer/dedicated oddness, hopefully I've corrected these, although I've not tested with anyone on the public server yet.

  • Darkness - Having enabled the ambient house lights onto the map, it works well, illuminating many of the houses with a variety of lights and colours. The only problem now is that with nightvision googles, it's really bright in some areas. So that maybe be think....

    I've now created a simple power station system using the three existing areas on Lingor. If you destroy one of the power stations (namely the power transformers pictured below), the street lights and ambient houses lights will be cut to the island. However as long as there is an active power station still alive, the Lingor Power Company will attempt to re-route circuits and restore power to the island (which takes approximately 30 minutes).

The above ideas all need testing, but hopefully a few more interesting things for the island.

The Lingor Power Company
Central power station located to the west of Maruko

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