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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Corrections

Minor updates to Insurgency Sim 2.03.06

Took some time today to correct a few things that were bugging me. Changes have been applied to both Takistan and Zargabad maps.

  • The "Search Body" should now work on all OPFOR bodies including the human players and soliders spawned from side missions. (fingers crossed)

  • Interaction with seaching bodies slowed down with animation, further dialog added.

  • Only Civilians can now be questioned. Previously animals and other things could be questioned for intel, which although funny wasn't very realistic.

  • Only Civilians can now be told to Get Down or Move Away from an area.

  • Interaction with Civilians slowed down with animation to lower weapon, further dialog added.
  • Added some of the smaller towns so they are populated with civilians.

There hasn't been much testing of this update, so if you notice any problems please do let me know in the comments or on the forums.

If there is a map you would like to see added to Insurgency or if you have any ideas you would like to see added, join the forums and let us know, all feedback is welcome!

This weeks video:

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