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Monday, 27 February 2012

More Minor Updates!

Minor updates to Insurgency Sim 2.03.05

Some more little tweaks to all the servers today.

  • AI OPFOR numbers are now dynamic based on the number of players connected, as more people connect the overall number of OPFOR soliders will even out to keep the server running at a high framerate.

  • Civilian vehicles have been increased, allowing for more vehicles to be on the roads in towns rather than dotted around the houses. Again working towards trying to improve the atmosphere and ambience.

ACE Insurgency Sim Server

With the ACE Insurgency Sim server being online for over a week, I've now made minor adjustments to aid with it's integration.

The first change is that the server will now allow minor version differences in the ACE version installed. Quite a few people had problems connecting as they were using the latest hotfix version of ACE so these problems should be a thing of the past, the server won't be so strict.

You may have noticed if you pilot a helicopter you lose your primary weapon when you exit the vehicle, as a workout to this, pack your primary weapon into a rucksack. When you leave the helicopter use the interaction key on the helicopter and unload your rucksack. The helicopters will now wait 60 seconds before they take off after the pilot exits the vehicle.

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