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Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Name...Same Fun!

To help reduce confusion with the original Insurgency mission/maps I've renamed our version of the game to be Insurgency Sim 2.01. Based on the excellent Insurgency mission by pogoman, Fireball, Kol9yN. Our version is a real mashup of various code, ideas and it may not pretty but it seems to be working.

The idea of this version is to try out things, quickly getting ideas into practice so we can see how they work with the gameplay.

The goal of Insurgency Sim is to produce a semi-realistic gameplay environment which rewards squad and team play.

All ideas, suggestions, feedback and bugs are welcome, and please join the Forums if you haven't already, to contribute to our little community.


  1. Way to go Boffin!
    This is not "Insurgency Vanilla" anymore ;)

  2. Hey Boffin, this is Sgt Dorian ^^

    Guys, I just wanted to say that your insurgency is by far the best insurgency mod. My friends and me are completely addicted to this new insurgency, and we always love what you're adding to this mission

    I saw that you put G17 with flashlights in opfor yesterday, that will be pretty nice.

    Your work is excellent, keep it going!

  3. Ah thanks Sgt Dorian, I do really appreciate that!

    If you haven't already don't forget to join the Forums as I'm taking feedback which each update to develop this into what people want.

  4. Screw sliced bread, this is far better!