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Monday, 16 January 2012

"I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer"

Monday's updates : Insurgency Sim 2.02

  • Thanks to N. Rodrigues on the Forums the Czech squad now have a medic! 

Minor adjustments:
  • Added parameter to allow Fixed Time/Date or Random Time/Date when mission is created.
  • For future releases will try to keep a version number incrementing for any major changes.
  • Some typos corrected! 

New Feature:
  • OPFOR get pressure plate IED
    OPFOR randomly get IEDs given to them when are created.

    If they get the IED v1 type (Garbage Large), this can be set as a pressure plate IED, it is placed on the ground and the OPFOR player must crawl away from it so as its not triggered. If ANY player walks/drivers near it, it will go off.

    If they get the IED v3 (Ground Small) type this can be used as a suicide belt (action menu is added). 

The other large change for this week:

We noticed over the past few weeks, more people were using inappropriate weapons for their role or the circumstances. Often people would be picking either the TWS weapons or the Sniper rifles and then trying to clear buildings in close quarters combat situations. To "help" people orientate to their role, we added a few restrictions based on your role in the squad.

These restrictions are to improve the squad play and I believe help balance the roles in the squad. I know some people will miss having access to the TWS weapons outside of the squad leader role, but I think over time you will agree its more fun and awarding to play without it.

Sean pointed out that the Laser Marker does have a TWS function as well as NVG option so if you are a sniper then getting a spotter with a laser marker is probably a nice idea.

Those familiar with the original Insurgency, will remember the problems limiting squad gear caused when you respawned. The new revised restrictions do away with any such problems, so no more horrible "Your squad is already using this type of weapon." messages!

How the restrictions to weapons by role works:

Squad Leader : Access to all weapons apart from Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles. (They can access the TWS weapons)

Medic : Access to all weapons apart from TWS weapons, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles.

Machine Gunner/EOD : Access to all weapons apart from TWS weapons and Sniper Rifles.

Marksman : Access to all weapons apart from TWS weapons and Machine Guns.

Pilot/Grenadier : Access to all weapons apart from TWS weapons, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles.

Something to remember

One thing to remember with all these roles, if you are using vehicles, don't forget you can always load a weapon into your Humvee and then equip yourself with another weapon. For example a marksman may want to equip a standard rifle such as a M16A2 for normal building clearance but packs his sniper rifle into the Humvee when not in use.

If you are planning to use the humvee as a weapons store, placing the weapon in the rear of the vehicle using the Gear option is the fastest method, however if you lose control of the Humvee to the OPFOR then they will be able to access your weapon. So look after your vehicles and don't leave them unattended!

Another option is to use the Ammo Crate (deployed from the rear of the Humvee/Jackal) and place the weapon in this object. When the ammo crate is loaded in the Humvee, OPFOR cannot access it.
This is slower to load/unload the weapon when needed, but should the humvee be lost/destroyed your weapon will still be stored in the ammo crate of the newly spawned vehicle at HQ. Just don't forget to reload the ammo crate back in the vehicle when you are done.


Feedback, what do you think about the above change for this update? Good idea, bad idea? Let me know in the comments or on the forum

1 comment:

  1. Nice touch on the TWS restriction, great for OPFor, and thanks for adding the parameter for time/date.

    And again, Boffin, thanks for your efforts to make this mission better and better!