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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Guns. Lots of Guns.

A couple more updates today:

Takistan mission:
  • Roadside IED reworked
    Soliders can now approach suspected IEDs in a prone position, they must use the SLOW crawl (using shift) to approach IED and then they can use a delayed (120 seconds) detonation on the IED, running or walking around IED will trigger it. Vehicles will still trigger IEDS as before.
  • Added new ammo store at HQ
    This is to allow people to loadup backpacks without dumping items on the ground. Let me know if you need any type of items adding to this store (its next to the vehicle service point). This is a step towards sorting out custom loads for people.
  • Corrected minor issue with German solider role.
  • Removed Czech Machine Gunner model and replaced with standard Czech Special forces as the hat worn by Machine Gunner was stupid.
  • Side Missions updated with a few minor changes.
  • Few more buildings added around the map.
Zargabad mission:
  • Zargabad map now updated with recent Takistan changes (suicide bombers, gps to all troops, gear loadout restrictions removed, helicopter support restricted to squad leaders and pilot roles etc.) If the above changes work in Takistan, they will be ported to Zargabad later today.

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