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Thursday, 5 January 2012

The chaos continues in Takistan

CHILLRA mention in the forums the idea of having some car bombers, alot like the suicide bombers in the civilian population only in moving cars, I've now added to this update to see how it plays out. Other additions changes are listed below. Enjoy the chaos!

Suicide Car BombersCivilian vehicles may now be a car bomber in disguise. Approach any civilian vehicle with caution. Running or sudden movements around suspected car bombs may trigger the driver to detonate vehicle.

Current policy on civilian vehicles:
Stop any suspicious vehicle, stepping in front of a moving vehicle on the road with your weapon drawn should cause the driver to slow and stop. The driver may leave the vehicle and run away from you.

If you are unsure as to the intentions of the driver, it is suggested you disable the vehicle by shooting out a tyre and then fallback to observe the drivers response.

Any driver failing to stop, or stops and then continues to drive towards you, or leaves the vehicle and runs towards you should be considered a threat. Deadly force is suggested to stop the driver. The vehicle may also contain an IED therefore it is suggested the vehicle is destroyed as well. Points are awared for succesful removal of driver and vehicle.

Passengers of vehicles should only be considered a threat if they act suspiciously towards you or your squad.

All stationary vehicles should be considered threats until investigated.

As always keep your squad well spaced, so should anything happen not everyone is taken out.

Side Mission Points!Sucessfully completing side missions means your squad get points!

Explosive Ordance Disposal (EOD) roleAfter successful testing of the delayed detonation of roadside IEDs, the role of EOD has been given to Slot 3 in the squad (Machine Gunner). This allows the player of this role, to SLOWLY crawl to roadside IEDs and then carry out a delay detonation. Points are awarded to the squad successfully removing IEDS (5 points to EOD, 3 points to team members).

Repair Vehicles at HQFrom the official Insurgency release 1.50, added the option to Repair Vehicles at HQ at the Stryker. Just useful if the vehicles are blown up at the HQ.

Suicide BeltAgain from the official Insurgency release 1.50, added the bomb belt for Opfor, ability to use IED on the move rather than having to plant it, for the would be suicide bomber.

After writing all the above, it reminded me of the Generation Kill episode. I loved this 7 part series from HBO, if you haven't seen it, its well worth watching, amazon have it on DVD or you can probably find on the net.

Stopping civilian car with smoke, when things go wrong...

Amazon link to the DVD Generation Kill - Complete HBO Series [DVD]


  1. Absolutely amazing. Can't wait to try it out.

    Really, this is becoming by far the best game-mission combination I've ever seen. Good job, really ;)

    Hint: don't get too far, or the US Army could be tempted to kidnap you to use as programmer for training lol

  2. here here !! cant wait to play roll on friday night :O)

  3. I saw that there was a 1.50 version now, to be honest it can't really hold it's own against your version Bofferino, as Raven said, well done indeed!

  4. Car bombs work fine. I got points for killing the guy driving AND the vehicle. 10 points total yeah!

    Only issue: you get negative kills for killing a civilian and a civ car. Nothing I really care about, but if that could easily be fixed somehow...

  5. Ah great Raven, thanks for letting me know on the above.

    I had a look at the scoring system, but I think kills are hardcoded in the game, so can't adjust that and civilian counts as negative kill ;-(