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Thursday, 8 December 2011

What's in a name...

To all those who emailed me so far, I've added you to the squad. If you need me to update any information or add your email/remarks just let me know.

I think we need a different squad name though... suggestions from WhiteRaven:
"Blue Lizards"
"Angry Wasps"
"Devil Dogs" " (that's the nickname of the Marines, given by the Nazis)...
"Counter-Insurgency Team"

Personally I quite like Devil Dogs so far (although there already is a Devil Dogs clan, as you might expect). If you have suggestions let me know or put it in the comments here. Once we are agreed on a name. I will mock up a new logo and update the squad file.

My thoughts along the lines of the above, maybe "Desert Devils"?

UPDATE : Didn't have anything better to do, so had a go at another logo ;-) Trying to make the edges a little rougher so it looks sprayed on...


  1. Would be fine with me too.

    Some names I came up with today for our brainstorming are:

    Black Light Company
    Partisan Warfare
    Peace Corps
    Bull Run Brigade
    Blessed Bullets

  2. or Desert Devils think that would tie in nicely

  3. Yep...just checked and actually "devil dogs" was never used by Germans (as Wiesel pointed out) lol
    It's a legend, but actually they have this nickname, invented by somebody american ;)

    Anyway, Desert Devils is fine for me ;)
    Or taking a name from Weisel "Blessed Devils", maybe? lol

  4. Yea actually Desert Dogs has a nice ring to it too. = ) And DD is a nice "number" heh

    I also thought about some more names inspired by the private military sector (Blackwater and so on), anyone like one of these names?

    Takistan Risk Solutions
    Tactical Solutions Group
    Blacksword Group
    Black Sun Corp.

  5. All good suggestions!

    For the moment I've updated to DesertDevils as the placeholder and then will have a think about another logo for "Desert Dogs" as its quick and easy to update the squadxml and no one has to change anything on their computer.

  6. thinking about the logo:

    The thorny devil is one of the most unusual looking animals of the Australian desert, and its adaptation to its harsh environment is ingenious to say the least.


  7. Yep..."Desert Devils" with that animal as logo. Looks great! You absolutely don't want to make that animal angry XD He also has a great angry expression...

  8. for fun I made ​​some sketches regard the logo


    However I like the Boffin devil's, simple and clear.