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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Squad URL - Team Boffin

CHILLRA had mentioned it might be nice to get a squad url setup for those who regularly play on the server.

I had another look at sorting this out, and have made my first attempt at a logo. If anyone is an artist and wants to have another go I need a transparent 256x256 tga file.

First logo had quite a bit of detail and used the SAS saying (I couldn't think of anything original at the time). but when you actually get it in game its quite small to read, but for history here's what it looked like...

So I had a rethink and made a simpler one and had a quick go at making it look a bit older so it would blend better on the helicopters.

If anyone would like the join the squad "Team Boffin" (name to change if someone can thing of something better..) then I just need to know yourPplayer ID which is shown Player Profile > Your Profile Name > Edit. If you email me ( total.boffin@gmail.com ) your Player ID, nick name you use in Arma, email address (if you want to make it public) and any remarks or comments for your page, I will then add to the newly created squad xml page.

Once you are added to the squad.xml file, you just need to put the full address on the player profile page for Squad Url so it would be

Then when you join a server you will get the tag "#TB# for Team Boffin, it will show your player name/email/remarks and the logo on the Map > Players page and when piloting vehicles you should get the logo on the side of the helicopters etc.

The idea of the squad url/logo is to promote the blog pages and the modified mission/map updates.


  1. ready to enlist sir! :)
    I sent an e-mail with data.

  2. Nice Idea Chillra, i like it.

    Also thank you for your dedication Boffin, you got one more mail = )

  3. Hi m8!
    logo and links to the blog appears in the player profile, but i can see the logo on the uniform and vehicles. i like devil dogs and desert devil, but also we can mantein Boffin team for the first time or 4ever.

  4. i c the update logo and description player on game. all work! looks like a crew! XD