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Friday, 16 December 2011

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a mercedez benz...

Todays tweaks center around vehicles...

Cargo System:
  • UNLOAD: After feedback from you guys, I've set that helicopters can only be unloaded by the pilot position. Don't forget ALL cargo can be droped from above 50m and it will parachute down.
  • LOAD: I would suggest that the pilot should take on the responsibility to load the vehicle to save any multiplayer issues/glitches.
Other vehicle tweaks:
  • Reworked some of the vehicles at base to add a little more variety.
  • Reworked the vehicle weapon/ammo cargos. The weapon platform vehicles (Jackal/Humvee)should now always have one M136 launcher, two satchel charges and some grenades. All other weapon ammunition is now in the onboard ammo crate (which has to be deployed from the rear of the vehicle).


  1. And you talked about carrying a stinger in the humvee, in case we meet a Hind (and maybe a basic M4 for snipers who need to fight at close range?) ;)

  2. Ah come on Raven, you can't reply on having all of the gear we need on the humvee or in the ammo crate it carries.

    Part of the appeal is either going prepared with a designated AA squad member, or looking the fool when a Hind pops up and shreds all of us.

    In terms of the M4 idea, I think backpacks have enough space to stow a gun, it just leaves little room for ammo, which then justifies the ammo crate/general ammo in the vehicles.

    Not to trample your idea completely though, I do like the idea of having the flexibility you are suggesting, maybe just not in the abundance suggested!

  3. Boffin talked about carrying always a stinger with us in the humvee, so putting it inside as default would save us the time to pack it every time. If we were going to it (almost) every time, it would save time :P

    Anyway, it's probably a bit too much for just a humvee. But I actually don't know how much stuff a real humvee carries when on a mission, so I can't really judge.

    We could add more enemy chopper and put an "AA Specialist" class.

  4. Also regarding the unload option:

    forget what I said about the airdrop boffin, everything works fine (just the usual bugs with uneven ground)

  5. Something I would recommend while we're on the topic of tweaking is changing the USMC (green camo guys) slots as they don't seem to be compitble with some of the OA stuff, like backpacks, etc (at least for me).

  6. Ah good point Sean, will have a look at replacing them with another set of outfits.

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  8. In my opinion it would be fine to just move the german team up instead of the USMC, so we have the 3 totally compatible teams (US, Brits, Germans) with desert camo on top.
    I dont play as the other ones anyway.

    But i also very much like the Czech camo (like the one =VG= uses). Maybe you could implement that?

  9. Ah good point Wiesel! will re work the soldier classes (so its US,BAF and then German) and add Czech as its desert camo so that works well (the only downside is the Czechs don't get a medic) and then will go US Delta and another US class so all the camo is Operation Arrowhead based.