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Friday, 16 December 2011

A few fixes

After gameplay today, we noticed I had accidently introduced a few bugs. These have now been fixed:
  • Player (green) / Vehicle (yellow) triangle markers now will show unit name when clicked on the map, and then the actual player name when clicked for a second time.
  • When a helicopter is spawned the pilot MUST load any cargo into the helicopter to ensure that the pilot can then drop/unload the cargo later.
    To aid with this, on spawn helicopters, if you land the helicopter and get out, you will have 45 seconds to move the cargo to the helicopter, load on the helicopter and then get back in!
  • The pilot is the only position in the helicopter which can unload the cargo (if a member of the team other than the pilot loads the cargo, they must get into the pilot position to unload the cargo - this needs to be tested)


  1. ust playimg around with load unload found all chopper now saty on the ground for 45 sec which is cool to load up ,but remember the little brids will now stay on the ground to for 45 sec so NO lang in AO .
    notied that i could get out and load up the chopper (45 sec heli stayed put)but when i landed and got out the chopper did NOTstay for 45 sec but took off ,so i loaded it first (got out and loaded )but when it comes to unloading piolt as to do it from the poistion in the piolts seat then get out worked fine then :O)

  2. Ah yes, so you always have to unload as the Pilot position.

    If you want the helicopter to fly away instantly, if you eject at say altitude 2+ you land on the ground without injury and the helicopter ai pilot takes over (not perfect so may need to rework this area, but thats what testing is for ;-)

  3. i think is better if the choppa have something inside wait 45 sec or less but if r empty fly away immediatly.

  4. Ah yes, I will see if I can work that check into the support helicopters.