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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Zargabad Updated + Minor tweak to Apache support

I've now moved over all the updates from Takistan to Zargabad, the only difference now is Zargabad still has no side missions (I still need to create a few more before I roll them out).

Following yesterdays testing and gameplay, I've corrected an issue where you could still see the Support Apache Gunner after the helicopter was returning to base.

I've also increased the fly time of the Apache support, seeing as its a slower vehicle than the A10 and can offer a good support role to troops on the ground.

After gameplay from today, I've now just updated some typos on a few of the side missions and another two more side missions have been added to the mix.


  1. waswandering if we could exstend some for the side mission to make them a bit longer yestersay we had to blow up power station so our foces could enter the air base .is there any way to link or exstend the side mission so we then were the team to go and stral destroy etc what ever needed to be done just a thort wonder if possible

  2. Ah yes, thats a good idea! I hadn't thought of having follow on parts to a side mission. Totally possible so will have a play with that over the weekend.