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Friday, 2 December 2011

AI Choppers are go.

I've hopefully? fixed the bug with the AI OPFOR helicopters running out of fuel. However testing this takes a while, as you can imagine takes time for the helicopters to run down on fuel. Let me know if you see any downed OPFOR helicopters which aren't damaged just out of fuel.

I've created an official bug issue for Insurgency regarding the injured/health markers continuing to show to the medic/squad leader after a player is injured/healthy/respawned, just need to do a little more testing to get an accurate reproduction of the bug(s).


  1. Nice one, was on the Zagrabad server this evening and there was at least one huey flying about.

    Assuming the server has been up for a while, I would say that was a success!

  2. Thanks Sean. I've been looking around to see any. So hopefully that bug is fixed.