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Sunday, 27 November 2011

More updates for Sunday!

One bug squashed, vehicles which are serviced no longer lose any pre-loaded weapons/magazines. If you need a certain ammo type, load into your vehicle (using Gear menu at rear of vehicle, dropping items from your own inventory into the vehicle) before you leave base.

Added two additional side missions which involve vehicle convoys...

After discussion with Chillra and others changed a few other bits and pieces:

  • Tweaked IED settings, should see more IEDs being placed near ambient vehicles, so watch out.
  • Revised the chance of getting a side mission, hopefully will see a few more side missions per map cycle.
  • Added verbal command/action on Civilians "Get away!". Will ask the civilian to stand, and leave the area. Sometimes they won't understand you, or only run a short distance away, so may need to repeat the command.
  • Moved Artillery support to the Radio 0 > Support 8 > Request Artillery 8 menu, now requires squad leader to approve the artillery use.

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