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Monday, 28 November 2011

A few more tweaks

After todays game play, I've adjusted a few more things...

  • Tweaked some of the side missions so they are a little more random, for example position of the item to locate is randomized within an area.
  • Introduced a few Guerilla soldiers into the mix on some side missions, watch out for snipers.
  • Revised the radio support menu, adding Apache support as another AI controlled option along with the A10 support (can only use one at a time and there is a delay before you can request this support).


  1. hi dude
    been on for a while today had a good game few things that were a bit wierd marked up artilary with laz and the frist few times bang on !!but on the last couple the rockets landed almost ontop of me to the delight off others lol the cross were you need heal dose not always go away when you`ve been heald ,oh and for the whole game i was mark as the other side so my team could not mount vechical uless i was last man in and every time i made a kill it was a -kill as the score board thort i was killing my on men lol all in all good no major bugs

  2. Thanks Chillra!

    Will check on those bugs, all a bit weird.


  3. I think the minus scores were due to you "teamkilling" at somepoint, it doesn't take much for Arma to put you down as one - which seemed to fix itself after you respawned if I remember?

    As for the arty, that was hilarious - all eyes front on the target until there's a huge explosion behind which was close to leaving me needing a change of underwear.


  4. Ah, the other thing I wanted to bring up is the issue of the opfor hueys and the hind running out of fuel and laying around until the server is restarted.

    Could this be fixed so that they can be set to respawn every now and again/set time after they are destroyedm much like the ground vehicles in default insurgency?

    Like the Apache escort as well as the other updated features, very nice!

  5. Ah good point Sean. Will certainly look at the fuel issue on the AI choppers, should be able to correct this for the next minor update in a day or two.