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Monday, 7 January 2013

Uprising : Version 1.06

After today's test game, I've added a few more changes and fixes.

Sabotage Radio Tower : The Engineer role can now Sabotage radio towers and stop them jamming the satellite phone as an alternative to the demolitions role destroying the radio tower. Engineer needs to climb the radio tower in order to sabotage.

Backpacks : I've added empty backpacks for the initial spawning of the team. So remember, if you respawn to go find your backpack.

Wirecutters : I've added the ability for both Medic and Engineer to now use wirecutters to cut down wire fences.

Several bug fixes applied including one regarding night vision also added.

There is now a development server running a version of Uprising to test on, its password protected at the moment, if you would like to try it just contact me.

If you are playing on Uprising and think of a feature/idea/change or notice something odd let me know.

1 comment:

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