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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Playing with ACRE radios

Today started to play with the ACRE radio system. It really adds a nice element of realism to ARMA.

To get setup with ACRE you will need to download the following:


Download and install Teamspeak (either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your computer and operating system.

For CBA. you need to extract @CBA, @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA from the CBA archive into your Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead folder root folder.

For ACRE you need to extract @ACRE, @JayArma2Lib and the userconfig folder from the ACRE (arma 2 folder archive) archive into your Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead folder root folder. Also extract the teamspeak plugin file (acre_win32.dll or acre_win64.dll depending on your computer and operating system) from the same archive (teamspeak folder in the archive) into your Teamspeak Client\plugins folder.

Start TeamSpeak (this appears to be required to correct setup and use ACRE) goto Settings and Plugins and ensure the ACRE plugin is enabled.
If you use Windows 7: You may need to start TeamSpeak as Administrator

In TeamSpeak, join our TS3 server (IP and find the ACRE Radio Channel

Start ARMA2 OA and enable the expansions @CBA, @CBA_A2, @CBA_OA, @ACRE, @JAyArma2Lib
If you use Windows 7: In order for ACRE to connect you may need to start Arma or STEAM as Administrator and then launch Arma 2 OA.

VERY Important: In Arma, if you used the Capslock for ARMA Voice-over-Network then move this to another key (Options > Controls > Check for Voice over Network Push to Talk) as ACRE uses CAPSLOCK for it's radio transmissions.

Then join the Arma 2 Windows Server and find someone to test your radio with. ACRE uses CAPSLOCK for personal radio transmissions.

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