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Thursday, 20 September 2012

And yet more tweaks to Lingor!

Another short test game this evening in the day and then in the night,we found some issues with the conversion of Insurgency Sim to the Lingor map.

Changes for todays build (version 2.03.17) include:
  • Corrected "swimming on respawn" bug (hopefully for good now).
  • Changed Insurgency soliders in vehicle patrols to match foot soliders (no more Takistan forces).
  • Revised OPFOR Civilians to the Lingor Civilian set.
  • Adjusted AI accuracy and spotting ability so at night AI are less accurate.
  • Adjusted Civilian "fear" and "threat" settings so as civilians will flee to houses and hide more often when area is under attack.
  • Added additional fence type to wirecutting option for the medic (if you come across a fence that you should be able to break but can't let me know)
If you notice something odd or have suggestions for the Lingor map, leave a comment or post on the forum (see link on Right of the site).

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