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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Zargabad Reloaded and Server 4!

I've now updated Insurgency for the Zargabad map, so all the features of 2.03.04 are included.

However I've also updated the Zargabad map itself to build out some of the areas, mainly in the South of the map. You should find more compounds and buildings and across the map as a whole I've bulked out the compounds and filled in a few more places. This is work in progress but I hope it will help improve the gameplay of the map and make it more enjoyable.

To start with the new Zargabad map is only available on the new Server 4 (port 2602) and is passworded. To access this server register on the forums and get the password here

Enjoy Zargabad and any feedback or comments please leave in the Development and Modification suggestions sub-forum

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