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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Veteran status? What do you think?

I've set the 1st Server to run in Veteran difficult setting at the moment: Things to note:
  • Third person view is still enabled.
  • Crosshairs are still enabled.
  • No enemy units will show on the map.
  • "Insurgency" Markers are enabled for yourself and team members (Green) and your land vehicles (Yellow). Clicking on one of the small triangle markers will then toggle the unit name or player name.
I'm interested to know what people feel able these restrictions, I'm hoping that it will aid teamwork and add to the realism, stopping people always checking mapping to see where the enemy is (I know I do this more and more).

I would recommend that you always pack a GPS in your gear, if you squad player slot doesn't automatically get one.

One tip from Sean (told to me by Chillra) is you use Shift and click on the map to show a destination marker. This is useful when flying to a location. As squad leader you should be able to select move and then use shift click to set a team waypoint/marker?

My plan is to run several servers, the 1st Server trying to be the most realistic (with the latest updates such as side missions etc) and the 2nd server will run in regular mode and alternate between the maps.(Takistan (with all the updates/side missions) & Zargabad).

As with all the updates/tweaks I'm very interested to hear what people think of the above, as I'm very happy to adjust things. Let me know!


  1. cant wait to play jumping in now m8, will report back in a few hours when i`ve try`d it out sounds awesome tho think this is going to work really well

  2. Regarding not showing the enemy contacts, so far I'm liking it. For me its good to break the habit of always looking at the map, after the gameplay today seems quite normal now.

    I guess as time goes people get better are spotting and communicating where the enemy is.

    The green insurgency player markers seem to work well and if you click to get the player names that in combination with the mini-gps you can work quite effectively as a team.

  3. Hi guys,

    I like these restrictions good idea, i think it is the right compromise for fun and reality.

    I hope u don't remove in the future the firt two point. I like see my soldier, and removing the Crosshairs becomes hard shoot at the enemy, i prefer don't see the enemy.
    however, I could never give up seeing my soldier. (could affect the game sometimes when you are close to the walls etc, because you may a better view).

    how is my english? I hope expressed my ideas well. XD

    c u on the battlefield! ;) cya

    P.s.:lately the server is busy, I hope to find a box! XD

  4. Yes Boston, agree on all of the above. I like crosshairs and 3rd person view too. Thanks for feedback!