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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all, hope you have a good new year!

Minor adjustments for Boxing day (26th December) will be:
  • Added link in the artillery screen to the blog post tutorial on using artillery (http://tinyurl.com/artilleryguide)
  • Adjusted AI numbers slightly lower, after 1.60 AI has been improved.
  • Added the Mk17 CCO SD rifle (previously missing from the loadout)
  • Added M32 6-shot grenade launcher
  • Added the M47 shoulder fired anti-tank missile launcher
  • Added FN FAL rifle and Night Vision version (this was added a few updates ago, but forgot to mention.)
  • Zargabad mission (Server 2) now updated with all the recent updates from Takistan.

I've now started to review the enemy AI level, previously the missions set a skill level on the spawned soliders which was a blanket setting on all their attributes (accuracy, chance of spotting you, spotting distance, commanding abilities). Hopefully? I've now set the server to determine the "tactics" of the Insurgency force to be high (make use of cover and concealment, provide supression fire, attempt flanking, attack slower with more force etc) but then the precision of their fire is lower to make it enjoyable/immersive and not deadly accurate. The above is now set on the servers and missions have been restarted (late on 25th Dec), testing over the next few days will hopefully show if this has made any difference. If the above doesn't work, will attempt to set skill categories by the mission itself.

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