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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A friend in need...

After gameplay from yesterday and today, made a few more tweaks and corrections:

  • Added 'Rules of Engagement' page in Map > Notes to remind people about a few basic rules (such as not landing helicopters directly at the AO).
  • There is a option to Load Injured players into a vehicle. First drag the casualty, then use the carry option, then focus on your vehicle and you will see the option 'Load Injured into Vehicle'. The casualty can then be driven to safety, to remove the casualty use the 'Pull out Injured' option on the vehicle.
  • Added a 'Hints / Tips' page to Map > Notes to give some guidance to new pages on some options (if you have any additions for these pages, let me know)
  • Tweaked the randomness of getting a side mission, to make them pop up a little more often.
  • Tweaked IED system to add more variety to types of roadside IEDs
  • Tweaked vehicle spawn setup, minor error in config now corrected.

Several players today commented that the thermal scopes were not working correctly, seeing everything black. I've not changed anything with this so not sure what is going on. If anyone has any experience of what the cause might be, let me know!


  1. "There is a option to Load Injured players into a vehicle...." i like this option is useful. nice idea.

  2. Yes, I'm going to revise the "Load injured into Vehicle" so you only need to be dragging someone rather than drag then carry...